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By | April 29, 2022

Wi-Fi Password Recovery Application With regards to Wi-Fi password recuperation, you need to grasp a certain something. All of the applications on this rundown are not intended to assist you with hacking a Wi-Fi and figure out their password. The thought is that occasionally, you could fail to remember the password of a Wi-Fi, and since you can’t physically see the password, you really want an application that will assist you with recuperating it.


A large portion of us go to a café or a bistro and utilize their Wi-Fi. Be that as it may, when a companion comes over, and assuming they get some information about the password, you don’t have any acquaintance with it. Or on the other hand, better said, you don’t recollect it. Indeed, fortunately there are two or three free Wi-Fi password recuperation applications you can utilize. We will take a gander at the choices in general, regardless of whether you utilize an Android telephone, iPhone, or you need for your Windows or Mac gadget.

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FREE WiFi Password Recovery is an application that shows you each password of each WiFi network your Android has at any point associated with. To utilize the application, your gadget should be established. On the off chance that it’s not, you can do nothing with this application.

Wi-Fi Password Recovery Application for Every Device| Download Here |Digital Gujarat

On the off chance that your Android is established, when you open the application, you can see a rundown of the relative multitude of organizations you’ve at any point associated with and their separate passwords. In the settings, you can decide to not naturally see the passwords (for security purposes).

FREE WiFi Password Recovery is an app that does exactly what it promises. If the app doesn’t work for you, it’s almost definitely because your device is not rooted.

How to use WIFI Password Recovery?

  1. Open the WIFI Passwords Recovery app
  2. Use a rooted device and authorize super-user permissions
  3. Recover Saved/Scanned WIFI


  • Free: Free WIFI password Recovery app
  • Passwords: List all wifi passwords that you connected(root required)
  • Detail: Show SSID and WLAN passwords and detect wifi history
  • Easy: Copy the WIFI wifi passwords to Clipboard(to be able to paste the key anywhere) Encode your wifi password for another device to scan and access the network *Share: Share WIFI Passwords in some way or create QR code for other apps to scan it or SMS, mail, note, etc.

*Backed up: If you sign in GoogleAccount and back up your own WIFI passwords, then you can recover your all passwords on other root devices.

Have you at any point associated with so many wifi organizations and failed to remember WLAN passwords?

WIFI Password Recovery is an application to see all your saved/checked WiFi passwords on your android gadgets. Recollect it’s just reestablishing associated wifi passwords.WIFI Password Recovery is a basic and useful asset to see WLAN passwords on your android gadgets. Recuperation wifi passwords won’t work without root.

FREE WiFi Password Recovery

Forget your WLAN password but need to re-connect your new device to WiFi and want to share a WiFi password with your friend?

WIFI Password Recovery, Monitor Network to backup all WiFi passwords on your google account, and restore it with just one step! Share with friends through SMS or email. Never lose your wifi password again.

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