Water Park Viral Video  વોટરપાર્ક ની મજા દુઃખ માં ફેરવાઈ ગઈ…વિડિઓ જોઈ ને રૂંવાડા બેઠા થઇ જશે..સ્લાઇડર માંથી આવતી યુવતી અથડાઈ યુવક સાથે અને થયુ આવુ

By | June 7, 2022

People are having fun going to the water park viral video  to get rid of the heat. But it is very important to be careful in the water park, otherwise a big accident can happen. A video of one such accident in Jhalawar is going viral. Which is said to belong to Mukundra Water Park located on Kota Road.


In which a woman collided with a man standing inside the swimming pool while descending from the slider. This can lead to serious head injuries and blood clots in the swimming pool. In such a situation some people pull him out of the pool in an injured condition.

In the viral video, one person is standing in the pool but his attention is diverted. Then a woman coming from the slider collided with him. Due to which the youth stays in the water for a long time. Until then people think he is joking, but when he doesn’t come out for a long time, a person grabs him and takes him out, blood comes out of the young man’s ear. Seeing this, there is a sudden movement in the swimming pool. People pick up the injured youth and take him out.

CI Balveer Singh of Kotwali police station in Jhalawar said that he was not aware of the matter. CI Balveer Singh said that we have reached the video of the exact location but the injured youth has not been identified. Action will be taken if the report comes. Honorable Omkar Banjara of Mukundra Water Park did not respond to a request for comment. Peace has prevailed in the water park since the incident. The video of this water park in Jhalawar is being shared by people on social media.

વિડિયો જોવા અહિ ક્લિક કરો 👇👇

During the season many people plan to go to the water park to get relief from the heat. Meanwhile, prolonged exposure to the sun can be harmful to you and those close to you. Do not stand in front of such a large slide and do not push anyone towards the water from the top of the slide so as not to cause an accident. He told visitors to the water park not to use the park’s slides until they were aware of it.

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