Vitamin D Unap શરીરમાં દેખાય આ લક્ષણ તો સમજી જાઓ વિટામિન-ડી ની ઉણપ છે, વિટામિન-ડી મેળવવા સવારે 15 મિનિટ આ જગ્યાએ ઉભા રહો કયારેય વિટામિન-ડી ખૂટશે નહીં | Digital Gujarat Info

By | May 2, 2022

There can be many reasons for weakening bones in the body, especially when there is a deficiency of vitamin-D in the body, even if the bones are weakening, or if there is pain in the muscles, then it is understood that the body is deficient in vitamin-D.


Strong bones are essential for good health of our body. This is because when the bones begin to weaken, even a little work on the body can lead to more fatigue, difficulty in walking, difficulty in getting up and sitting, and joint pain.

So today we will tell you about the symptoms of vitamin-D deficiency and also what to eat to make up for the vitamin-D deficiency. So let us know the symptoms of Vitamin-D.

Hair Loss: Vitamin D Unap deficiency is most affected when onset of hair loss, leading to more and more hair loss, hair breakage problems, Vitamin D is essential for strengthening the hair follicles and good hair growth. Therefore, if the body is deficient in vitamin-D, it causes hair loss.

Frequent Fatigue: Often there is lethargy in the body, which causes fatigue in the body which is a symptom of Vitamin-D, so whenever the body feels tired or feels weak, understand that there may be a deficiency of Vitamin-D.

Keeps moodless: When vitamin-D deficiency occurs in the body, frustration and irritability are most prevalent, so that the mood also gets worse, due to which its direct effect is seen in our brain.

Joint pain: If you have been suffering from joint pain from an early age, this may be a symptom of a vitamin-D deficiency. Due to which the bones become weak and there is pain in the muscles.

Vitamin D unap

Source of Vitamin D Unap : Deficiency of Vitamin-D in the body also reduces Calcium. In order for our body to get Vitamin-D, we need to stand in the sun for 15 minutes every morning when the sun is shining, which will complete the deficiency of Vitamin-D in the body.

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In addition, you can eat things like mushrooms, milk, yogurt, soybeans, tofu, eggs, salmon, which are rich in vitamin-D, which will make up for the deficiency of vitamin-D in the body.

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