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By | May 22, 2022

In today’s world where new technology has made people’s lives easier, it has also led to an increase in crime cases. Every day new avenues of theft and robbery are seen. There are many such viral videos on social media, in which the deeds of this Advance Thief are seen. One such video was recently circulated, in which a thief unlocked a bullet and blew it up in just 20 seconds. Despite having a double lock, without any tools, this thief broke the lock of the bullet and shocked everyone.

Theft of two wheelers like bikes and scooters is understandable for once. This is a fairly light weight. In such cases their locks are easily broken. But the bullet is known for its weight. But this vicious thief fired a bullet in just 20 seconds. Not only did he break the lock of the bullet, he turned it on without the key and became dizzy. If the theft had not been captured on CCTV in the area, no one would have known that the bullet could have been stolen in this way.

Fled in the darkness of night

The video is being watched more and more on Instagram and Facebook. Which was captured on a roadside CCTV. It can be seen at the beginning of the video that a man came near the bullet with a bag in his shoulder.

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