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લીંબુમાં આ ત્રણ વસ્તુ મિક્સ કરી શેકીને ભોજન ના 20 મિનિટ પહેલા ચૂસી જાઓ, ભૂખ ઉગાડશે અને પાચન ઝડપી બનાવીને કબજિયાત, એસોડીટી, અપચો અને ગેસની સમસ્યા કાયમી દૂર કરશે

Join WhatsApp Group How to increase appetite ?How to increase digestion ?Here are the answers👇👇 How to increase appetite : In this day and age, everyone eats something. But there are also many people who do not make a mistake when it comes time to eat, as there are problems, in addition, there are many… Read More »

દરરોજ એક ચમચી ખાઈ લેશો તો આખું ઉનાળુ શરીરને AC જેવું ઠંડક રાખશે અને લોહીને સાફ કરશે – Digital Gujarat Info

Join WhatsApp Group Fennel is something that can be effectively found in each home kitchen. A great many people use fennel for bodily fluid yet they don’t know which fennel in bodily fluid contains significant components like calcium, sodium, iron and phosphorus Best Health Tips. Moreover, aniseed contains nutrients, for example, Vitamin A, Vitamin E… Read More »