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By | April 21, 2022

My Name Ringtone Maker with Custom Text and Voice. Make Own Ringtone For Friend.

My Name Ringtone Maker App furnishes customized free guest ringtones with wanted custom text and various text ideas and best free application for making name music ringtone as your #1 guest tune My Name Ringtone App Download Now.

ધોરણ ૧૦ પછી શુ માહિતી નિચે આપેલ છે.


My Name Ringtone App You can make music ringtone utilizing any custom names. set it as your approaching call ringtone and Free Caller Ringtones you make will be saved in the mp3 music design.

My Name Ringtone App Might it be said that you are exhausting with standard and default guest music ringtones, need an exceptional music call ringtones producer with customized voice text? Here it is My Name Ringtone Maker free application will assist you with settling on exceptional music decision ringtones with given amusing custom text.

My Name Ringtone App | Digital Gujarat Info

You can download My Name Ringtone Maker free application from play store& make your own name custom ringtone.

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How it functions:

  1. Enter your number one name in the given textbox.
  2. Play it to tune in, You can play for test, You can save the Name ringtone.
  3. Go to the My Ringtones and Check all call ringtones made in the application and you can set your #1 music tone as Call Ringtone.
  4. Save your companion name music ringtone and set its as guest tune of companion.

5.Display all rundown of downloaded and made call ringtones.

6.My Name Ringtone Maker free application works even disconnected and free application to download.

ધોરણ ૧૦ પછી શુ? આ રહી કારકિર્દી માર્ગદર્શન વિશેષાંક ૨૦૨૨ ની PDF અચુક વાંચો વાંચવા માટે અહિ ક્લિક કરો

વિડીયો જોવા અહિ ક્લિક કરો

આજના સોના ચાંદી ના ભાવ જાણવા અહિ ક્લિક કરો

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