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By | March 8, 2022

GSRTC BUS Pass Online Application Form: Gujarat Government is giving pass office to the understudies as well as for general individuals. The pass for the understudies is called understudy pass and for other public it is called traveler pass.


Understudy Pass: GSRTC Commuter Pass Service Of Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation

Understudies will get the pass by paying multi day’s lease of 30 days. They will require a charges receipt of their everyday schedule. Then, at that point, they need to fill the structure given from pass counter with identification size photograph. They will promptly get the pass and id card from GSRTC. For recharging the pass they simply need to present the old pass and get another one. At the point when the legitimacy of disregard is, they need to recharge the pass in the span of 3 days other astute they need to rehash entire strategy. Young ladies from towns which are under some panchayat, get free understudy pass.
Traveler Pass: GSRTC Commuter Pass Service Of Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation.

રાશી ના નામ
1.મેષ 2.વૃષભ 3.મીથુન 4.કર્ક 5.સીહ 6.કન્યા 7.તુલા 8.વૃશ્વિક 9.ધનુ 10.મકરા 11.કુમ્બ 12.મીન

(ઉપરના આજના તમામ રાશી ફળ જોવો અહિ થી )

The people groups who are every day client of ST transport, this office is actually quite decent. They will get a traveler pass of 30 days by paying rent of 15 days. They will require only a visa size photograph. Interestingly they should give their id from GSRTC, which is substantial till 7 years.
There are three kinds of GSRTC Commuter Pass Service:

જવાબ :- આવે છે જોવો પાછળ પગ ના નિશાન છે.

Pass for Local Bus
Pass for Express Bus
Pass for Gurjar Nagari

GSRTC Commuter Pass Service for Local Bus

This is a least expensive pass which stops at each transport stop on the way. Along these lines, individuals from towns can utilize this pass from their own town’s bus station.

GSRTC Commuter Pass Service for Express Bus

This is expensive than Local Bus pass. It just stops at some predefined transport stops for the most part of transport stops of urban communities and towns. Those people groups can utilize this pass. They even can utilize Local Pass, yet on the off chance that they need better office and quicker benefits with less groups, they can utilize this pass.

Commuter Bus Pass Application Form
Commuter Renewal Bus Pass Form
Commuter Application Status
1. Hire Bus for Marriage Download
2. Casual Contract Application Form Download
3. Passenger Pass Application Form Download
4. Student Concession Pass Application Form Download

GSRTC Commuter Pass Service for Gurjar Nagari

This is costliest pass. The buses of long distance are given a name of Gurjar Nagari. Even fewer crowds even better facilities than both others.

Importan Yojna Link ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

પાવર થ્રેસરા ખરીદી પર સહાય (છેલ્લી તારીખ ૨૧/૦૩/૨૦૨૨)

ટ્રેક્ટર ખરીદી પર સહાય (છેલ્લી તારીખ ૨૧/૦૩/૨૦૨૨)

તાડપત્રી ખરીદી પર સહાય (છેલ્લી તારીખ ૨૧/૦૩/૨૦૨૨)


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