OMG! સાઉથ કોરિયાના લોકોની ઉંમર દુનિયા માટે બની રહસ્ય, એક મહિનામાં બાળકો થઈ જાય છે 2 વર્ષના

By | April 14, 2022

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This Is Digital Gujarat info Did you know that if your mobile is stolen or lost you can see its live location? If you don’t know, today I will give you information about it.


Friends Google is a search company in which you can find the answer to any question, Google has released an application called Find My Device Friends with this application you can know the live location of your mobile from anywhere in the world.

Find My Device

So, this was the basic information. Now let us tell you how this application will work.

Friends, this is a secure application created by Google in which you will not be harmed in any way. This application is free of charge for which no charge is taken.

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How will this application work?

If this application is a secure application, then first you have to download Find My Device Application and login through your personal Google G-mail. You have to remember and keep this G-mail and you also have to remember its password. Also, do not share your password with anyone so that there will be no future problems.

What is important in this application?

The most important thing in this application is that along with the live location, your mobile can be secured by any other mobile phone. This application is very important to prevent the theft of your important data inside your mobile when your mobile is stolen or lost which will help in securing your data.

OMG! સાઉથ કોરિયાના લોકોની ઉંમર દુનિયા માટે બની રહસ્ય, એક મહિનામાં બાળકો થઈ જાય છે 2 વર્ષના જોવો ન્યુજ અહિથી

What if the mobile is switched off after the mobile is lost?

Yes, even if your mobile is lost and the person in front turns off the mobile, this app will show the last location of your mobile and show the live location of your mobile when that mobile is turned on again.

What if someone finds a mobile and turns off the sound?

Even if someone turns off the sound of your lost mobile, the ring can be played on your mobile by another mobile even if the person has turned off the sound of the mobile. You will know if there is a person around you.

There are many other features in this application which you will know after downloading.

How to download this application work?

Below is the download link to download this app. In addition, you will be able to download this app from Play store.

Let us show you for information that this application is absolutely free which is not charged by the company and this application is declared to be absolutely secure.

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