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ગુજરાત હેલ્થ વિવિધ માહિતિ

શુ તમે જાણો છો સામાન્ય વ્યક્તિ એ કેટલા કલાક સૂવું જોઈએ? Sleeping time | Digital Gujrat Info

Join WhatsApp Group Join Telegram Chanel Today we will know how many hours we should sleep. We need to grow enough hours to stay healthy and fit. Sleeping time Every Day 7 to 8 hours out of 24 hours to stay mentally healthy. In mode, man is at rest and stores his energy. During this… Read More »

આ માહિતી જાણ્યા પછી તમે પણ ફ્રીજમાંથી પાણીની બોટલ કાઢતા પહેલા 10 વાર વિચાર કરશો | side effects of drinking cold water – Digital Gujarat Info

Join WhatsApp Group Join Telegram Chanel side effects of drinking cold wate : It is considered very important to keep the body hydrated in summer heat and it is necessary to drink water for hydration. According to the National Academy of Sciences, people over the age of 18 should drink 3.7 liters of water per… Read More »

દરરોજ માત્ર 10 મિનિટ કરી લો આ કામ માત્ર 2 મિનિટમાં તણાવ, થાક અને શરીરની નબળાઈ થઇ જશે દૂર health

Join WhatsApp Group Join Telegram Chanel Are you also fond of dance? If yes, then this habit of yours is not only good for your entertainment, but more than that it is beneficial for your health in many ways. Dance is one of the oldest arts that has been properly researched and studied. This art… Read More »

મોંઘી દવાઓ કરતા પણ ખુબ ફાયદાકારક છે આ તેલ નાની મોટી દરેક સમસ્યાનો છે આ રામબાણ ઈલાજ | The benefits of coconut oil – Digitalgujarat.Info

Join WhatsApp Group Join Telegram Chanel Coconut oil is a natural resource that does not contain any harmful chemicals. With this in mind we should reduce the consumption of expensive conditioners, oil creams and body lotions and use pure coconut oil. Use coconut oil in skin and hair care. Coconut oil is very beneficial for… Read More »

છાશમાં આ 3 વસ્તુ મિક્ષ કરી પી લ્યો આંતરડામાં ગંઠાઈ ગયેલો વર્ષો જૂનામાં જૂનો મળ બહાર નીકળી જશે Digital Gujarat Info

Join WhatsApp Group butter milk profit In this article we will tell you a nice thing that if the feces clotted in your intestines is frozen, you do not take the name of eliminating constipation and the accumulation of feces in the intestines causes you to constantly produce gas, when your body gas and gas… Read More »

રાત્રે સુવાના પહેલા એક રૂમ બંઘ કરીને કરી લો આ એક કામ, માત્ર પાંચ મિનિટમાં ઘસઘસાટ ઊંઘ આવી જશે | Best Sleeping Tips| DIGITAL GUJARAT INFO

Join WhatsApp Group Best Sleeping Tips : Many people come home from work all day and there is a lot of tension, the person has trouble falling asleep at night, so today we will tell you how to overcome this problem Best Sleeping Tips. Most people suffer from insomnia, insomnia is also a serious illness.… Read More »

ઉનાળામાં કાળા પડી ગયેલા હાથને ગોરા કરવા માટે સ્પેશિયલ 8 ટિપ્સ Health Tips | Digital Gujarat Info

Join WhatsApp Group Intense sunlight not only steals the color of facial skin, but it is also very harmful to the skin of the hands. Most women suffer from the problem of tanning in the summer season, but their focus is not only on protecting the face from tanning, but also taking care of the… Read More »

લીંબુમાં આ ત્રણ વસ્તુ મિક્સ કરી શેકીને ભોજન ના 20 મિનિટ પહેલા ચૂસી જાઓ, ભૂખ ઉગાડશે અને પાચન ઝડપી બનાવીને કબજિયાત, એસોડીટી, અપચો અને ગેસની સમસ્યા કાયમી દૂર કરશે

Join WhatsApp Group How to increase appetite ?How to increase digestion ?Here are the answers👇👇 How to increase appetite : In this day and age, everyone eats something. But there are also many people who do not make a mistake when it comes time to eat, as there are problems, in addition, there are many… Read More »

દરરોજ એક ચમચી ખાઈ લેશો તો આખું ઉનાળુ શરીરને AC જેવું ઠંડક રાખશે અને લોહીને સાફ કરશે – Digital Gujarat Info

Join WhatsApp Group Fennel is something that can be effectively found in each home kitchen. A great many people use fennel for bodily fluid yet they don’t know which fennel in bodily fluid contains significant components like calcium, sodium, iron and phosphorus Best Health Tips. Moreover, aniseed contains nutrients, for example, Vitamin A, Vitamin E… Read More »